is the wholesale rental company “Where Rental Companies Go to Rent”. We’ve established ourselves as a prime asset to rental companies nationwide by providing our customers with specialized earth-moving equipment, such as excavators, wheel loaders, crawler carriers, and compactors. An integral part of our philosophy is to provide the highest quality equipment and customer service by anticipating customer needs and offering the support they need to succeed. Here at Acme, we understand that we succeed only when our customers succeed. We have a team of experts ranging from the rental to construction industries who understand our customers and are ready to help with the latest technology to deliver what you need, where you need it, and when you need it.


The heartbeat of Acme Lift is our operations center dubbed, “The War Room.” The War Room Team will get you the rental equipment you need “Where You Need It and When you Need It.” We are dedicated to customer service coast-to-coast. The War Room is designed to provide detailed, real-time information and rapid responses to customer requests.

Acme Lift’s fleet is fitted with GPS units for up-to-the-minute tracking by the Acme team which ensures accurate equipment availability, usage, and billing. Rentals, transportation, and invoicing are handled in The War Room as well, providing customers with single-point support and seamless communication.