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ACME Lift rents hi-reach booms, telehandlers and large air compressors exclusively wholesale to rental companies throughout the US and Canada. When your customer demands large aerial and telehandlers, you can depend on ACME Lift. A friendly voice is here to answer your rental and account inquiries.

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8k - 20k

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Knuckle Booms

80' - 135'

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Straight Booms

80' - 185'

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Air Compressors

750 - 1600 cfm,
150 - 500 psi

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THE LEADER IN wholesale RENTAL solutions

Rental Returns

Maximize rental returns

Our Biz Dev team can advise you on ways to maximize your rental returns and expand your market share - while keeping your capex in check.

Nationwide Rentals

Be there. Whenever, wherever

Your customers need the right machine at just the right time. We’re ready to make that happen in a moment’s notice.

Equipment Logistics

Equipment logistics

Our Service Department will work directly with your mechanics to keep the equipment in top shape for your customers.