About Us

As a rental veteran, ACME owner & CEO Woody identified a need for large aerial and the reluctance of rental companies to spend large portions of their capital on expensive machines with fluctuating utilization. In 1997, out of the desire to provide a solution ACME Lift was started.

ACME Lift has become the largest exclusively wholesale rental company in North America.

Our War Room

Rental, logistics and invoicing all happen within the ACME War Room. Our customers continue to experience the benefit of seamless communication between departments.

Our People

The ACME team comes from the rental and construction industries and understands the demands of your business. Urgency and integrity are the keys to our success.

Our Machines

ACME carries the newest and largest booms, telehandlers and air compressors on the market. Fitted with GPS for up to the minute tracking, our unmatched inventory is located throughout North America.